The Contribution Of Evangelos Marinakis To The World Of Medicine

The man, who was brought up in the interior of Peru, has a lot to say about social amenities. Evangelos Marinakis had all it takes to become a medical doctor before the family uncertainty that befell him shuttered his dreams.


He lost his father at a very tender age; his mother was unable to take care of him and his siblings and meet all their needs as it is in a standard family.  However, Emmanuel was adopted by a Catholic priest in Latin. He served in the church as they sponsored his schooling.

His two sisters toiled and moiled with their mother back at Peru, but at least they managed to get through high school. With the help of the parish priest, Evangelos Marinakis joined the university and studied Business Administration. It was not a course of his first choice; however, he had to do it.

That was not the beginning of failure, no. Evangelos became one of the best students in the university. Upon his completion, he acquired a scholarship to study masters because of his outstanding grades. He completed successfully and sponsored himself for a Ph.D. on the same.

Since then, success is the song on the lips of Evangelos Marinakis. He remembers how it was so difficult to access medication in Peru due to the long distances and few medical practitioners. The strain in the medical services led to his father’s death, a reason he can’t forgive himself. From that moment he swore to create change at the right time.

Marinakis Gets Into Business

Evangelos Marinakis got into business; he founded a food processing firm in which he is the CEO and Director in Chicago City. With his immense knowledge, he was able to navigate the business to a multi-billion enterprise operating in more than ten countries.

His company, Greenlight Enterprise, is one of the best employers with more than 20,000 of employees on its roll. He endeavors to propel the capacity of Greenlight through education and training which he does more often.

Evangelos Support In The Medical World

It is not by default that he is in the business of supporting the field of medicine. It is by the fact that the pain of his losing his father is still fresh in him. He stays focused to make sure the transformations he dreamt of all his years came to pass.

Evangelos Marinakis Foundation

The first step that Evangelos took was to start a foundation which he used to encourage most students who wanted to study medicine but could not access the funding. He began it small by personally sponsoring bright young students from high school who were not able to support their education.

The trend went on for five years sponsoring at least ten students annually. In 1997, the foundation began to attract support from various interested parties including individuals and institutions of higher learning. This was the best way of getting the youths who were passionate about education.

To his surprise, crucial universities approached him to pledge support. The medical schools like the Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, and Johns Hopkins University are among the universities that came in to support.

The friends of Evangelos Marinakis came in numbers and subscribed to annual support in the foundation. The foundation has so far seen three thousand medical students through their training. That’s an unusually high number that is serving in the states of America.

Any sane individual or institution cannot ignore such contribution. It is left for your imagination to see how many patients have benefitted from the doctor’s accessibility. The standard strained ratio of doctor-patient ratio has improved significantly.  Evangelos Marinakis stayed true to his course to ensure that he supported as many as possible.

Medical Facilities

In his quest to see the best out of the people of Peru and the people across America, Evangelos Marinakis has collaborated with other institutions like the American Research Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania among others to construct more clinics and hospitals that can handle emergency issues within remote areas. They have built at least 17 hospitals to date.



Patient-Doctor Access Project (Med-Soft)

The research that Evangelos Marinakis conducted on the use of technology, medical staff need it more to improve the patient-doctor access. This is a fantastic technology that allows the patient to access a doctor at their convenience. There are many factors that Marinakis put into place for him to carry out the research.

For obvious reasons, Evangelos Marinakis has it in mind of how his father was unable to access a doctor who could save him from the pneumonia attack. The software is a unique app to the busy people who may need medical services in the comfort of their homes.

At least you know how it is tricky to juggle the traffic, work, and family together with medical appointments. This application will do you just fine. Furthermore, some medical services may need privacy. This is best for you. Just get a doctor at your doorstep.

To benefit from this application, download it in your android phone or tablet and subscribe to the service you need. The same way the taxi apps work is the same way you shall use the med-soft application. Book a doctor and the service you need. It is a cost-friendly service that you need.

Evangelos Marinakis is a source of inspiration to many who are in weak states. From his humble beginning, he was able to pursue his dreams and create the change he wanted in the society. He proves that it is possible to have anything you need if you keep the focus.

Today, Marinakis goes around the world inspiring companies, governments, and individuals on the importance of strengthening the communities and countries where they hail. He believes that there is an individual’s life that your contribution will save. He acutely bases that out of personal experience.